Culturally Responsive Teaching for the Blended Classroom

Preparing teachers for the blended classroom, Covid learning loss, and remote engagement with culturally responsive competencies that empower teachers to facilitate important conversations about the racial injustices in our country today.


Through the generosity of our funders, Teaching Matters is able offer schools and districts partnership services at a reduced fee.  Partnership includes:

  • Unlimited Access to over 40 live webinars for teachers and leaders at a variety of times
  • Unlimited Access to online learning modules with a deep variety of resources for teachers and leaders for next day instruction and accessible and available anytime
  • Unlimited Access to our searchable database of student-activities for teachers to modify and use
  • 40 hours of personalized virtual coaching for individual teachers, leaders, and/or teams of teachers focused on real application of the competencies below. 




Leading the Blended School
Principals/APs will be able to set and execute on a vision for blended school model (Scheduling, building community, communicating vision, understanding best practices for blended curriculum, supporting teachers, processes and practices for observations)


Building Classroom Community Online
Teachers/Leaders will be able to create an online classroom environment that builds strong relationships between and among teachers and students.


Know Your Students (SEL)
Teachers/Leaders will understand their students’ home reality and specific strengths and needs in blended learning (SEL trauma informed teaching and learning, student engagement survey, empathy Interviews, shadow a student)


Assessing Student Reading Loss and Tracking Recovery
Teachers and school leaders will learn how student reading skill assessments inform instructional practices. Teachers will also learn how to track growth and make informed instructional decisions based on data.


Adapting Phonics Curriculum into Virtual Instruction
Teachers will upack their current Phonics program and learn how to adapt and structure lessons effectively for remote/blended instruction.
remotelearning-male teacher


Virtual Small Group Reading Instruction (Guided Literacy)
Teachers will learn how to effectively teach small group reading instruction in a virtual/blended environment that allows for differentiated support of readers at all levels by implementing practices supported by the latest reading science.


Planning for Read Aloud
Teachers will receive coaching and support for planning effective read aloud instruction. A clear process for backwards planning assessments, lesson objectives and implementing research based strategies will ensure students experience a connected and coherent sequence of read alouds that support content based instruction.
remotelearning-thinking teacher


Read Aloud Instruction
Teachers will be provided a model of best practices for read aloud instruction in a remote/blended setting for both asynchronous and synchronous lessons. Coach will provide live support and/or feedback to improve practice in this area.