Unlocking Bright Futures Through Literacy
 Early Reading Matters develops expertise critical to improving literacy in Kindergarten through Second grade.

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  K-2 Assessment Jumpstart ERM Blended Program

Literacy assessment fully adaptable to a remote or blended school environment.

10-week program to move persistently struggling readers in K and 1st grades from pre-readers to readers.

Coaching for teachers of literacy K-2nd to support improvements in pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, data analysis, and professional collaboration based on the unique context and needs of the school.

Evaluation Free online module & assessment kit.

Educational experts with research-based, proven outcomes will support and work with teachers and teaching teams to quickly move students to reading proficiency.

Novel blended approach: 16 days onsite coaching at school level, video protocol and feedback per teacher, and online modules.  Two years: K-1st in first year, and 1st grade and 2nd grade in second year.

Coaching 3-5 days of coaching to train teachers.

10 days of onsite or virtual coaching for ten days.

1 day of a learning institute for teachers.

16 days onsite/virtual coaching for grade teams.

Materials & Guidance

Norm on assessments.

Create year-long assessment protocol for grade teams, K-2nd.

Classroom resource list is provided to schools for direct purchase, or pass through funds for Teaching Matters to purchase.

Video protocol and feedback per teacher.

Self-paced online modules for individual teachers to complete.