Preparing teachers to engage students in culturally responsive-sustaining education in a hybrid classroom, while addressing unfinished learning due to COVID-19, and prioritizing wellness and authentic student engagement during the new school year.


Through the generosity of our funders, Teaching Matters is able offer schools and districts partnership services at a reduced fee.  Partnership includes:

  • Unlimited Access to over 40 live webinars for teachers and leaders at a variety of times
  • Unlimited Access to online learning modules with a deep variety of resources for teachers and leaders for next day instruction and accessible and available anytime
  • Unlimited Access to our searchable database of student-activities for teachers to modify and use
  • 40 hours of personalized virtual coaching for individual teachers, leaders, and/or teams of teachers focused on real application of the competencies below. Coaching can be customized to meet the needs of your school and teachers.




Know Your Students
Teachers will understand their students as individuals, their family and home life, and their specific strengths and needs in a remote environment.


Building Classroom Community Online
Teachers will be able to create an online classroom environment that builds strong relationships between and among teachers and students.


Know the Technology
Teachers will be able to use a targeted minimum number of critical standard instructional technologies.


Culturally Responsive, Blended Teaching
Teachers will be able to leverage curriculum, resources, and online tools to plan engaging, standards-aligned units/lessons for students in a
blended environment. Both synchronous and asynchronous lessons will be a focus.


Applying Effective Assessment Strategies
Teachers will be able to implement blended assessment strategies that includes authentic feedback for students while accounting for Covid
Learning Loss and designed to move students forward in a blended learning environment.


Meeting Needs of Diverse Learners 
Teachers will be able to meet the needs of ENL students and students with IEPS in a blended environment.




Leading the Blended School 
School Leaders will be able to set and execute on a vision for a blended school model, including an assessment plan for identifying the needs of students.


Looking to make up for unfinished learning in reading?

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